Facts To Improve Your Overall Health.

There are several healthcare choices available for you and your family. Do you need the services of a certified Chiropractor? When should you choose a Chiropractor? What are the facts? When it comes to answering these questions, there are several details to consider:

According to a recent Web MD study, in a sample of 1.7 million patients, Chiropractic care relating to back pain had a cost of 28% less than those who were treated by Medical Doctors.


In the same study, back surgeries were reduced by 32%, that’s one in every 3 patients, equating to one third less surgeries which reduced hospital stays by 41%. This study reported a 95% satisfaction rate with Chiropractic care.


An unbiased independent study commissioned by the Ontario Ministry of Health revealed that Chiropractic care for low back pain was more cost effective, safer and had a higher rate of patient satisfaction, producing better results than pain management from Medical Doctors.


The overall recommendation from the OMH study conveys that hospital privileges should be extended to Chiropractic Doctors.

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