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Everyone can reap the benefits from proper Chiropractic care. From common ailments such as headaches, severe back and neck pain to the unexpected causes of whiplash, Dr. DiCesaro a chiropractor in Pittsburgh, PA and his team at Whitehall Health Centre can help you feel better, enabling you to live the life you desire. Whether it’s enhancing your body’s natural healing abilities, alleviating chronic pain or helping your body recover from an unfortunate accident, we are here to help.

We offer several treatments to improve:

  • Carpal Tunnel:

    Usually resulting from highly repetitive movements of the wrist, causing painful pinched nerves.

  • Back & Neck Pain:

    There are several causes that can lead to severe or mild back and neck pain, affecting up to 80% of the population. Dr. DiCesaro is trained to recognize the root cause of most of these issues and offer several therapy options.

  • Headaches:

    Recent studies report that over 10 million Americans suffer from moderate to disabling headaches on a frequent basis. With these statistics, most feel that headaches are just a part of life. They’re not! We are able to identify the origin of the majority of these painful inconveniences and can create customized solutions.

  • Sciatica:

    Pain, weakness, numbness or tingling originating from the lower back through the toes may be the symptom of a problem with your sciatic nerve. Conservative chiropractic therapy has been known to successfully treat this issue without the need for invasive surgery.

  • Whiplash:

    Unfortunately, anyone can be subject to painful whiplash, whether it originates from an auto accident or while playing a contact sport. All neck injuries need to be treated quickly. Whitehall Health Centre has the ability to ascertain the severity of your injury and implement a recovery program.

  • Orthopedic Health:

    Often with age, or specific post surgeries, your body needs assistance to return to a comfortable condition. Chiropractic care can greatly improve mobility to assist in recovery and help you hold off the various types of pain related to fibromyalga and arthritis.


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