According to the Department of Health and Human Services, sports-related injuries make up about 20 percent of all injury-related emergency department visits among children ages 6 to 19.

All athletes, no matter how skilled, are vulnerable to sport injuries, especially young athletes whose muscles and bones are still growing. This vulnerability, however, does not stop them from playing as hard as they can during a game. At Whitehall Health Centre, we understand that sitting out on the bench with an injury is difficult for most athletes, which is why our staff works with each patient to create an individualized treatment plan that will safely treat injuries and make recovery time faster.

Sports Injury Treatments in Whitehall

At Whitehall Medical Centre, we incorporate a wide variety of chiropractic services into treatment in order to improve the overall health of our patients. For sports injuries, we use traditional chiropractic techniques such as physical therapy rehabilitation exercises and massage therapy, as well as more modern techniques such as Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), cold laser therapy and kinesio taping. No matter what techniques we use, we believe they should be non-invasive and work quickly to heal your injuries and get you back to playing the sport you love.

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Common Sports Injuries

Certain areas of the body are more often subject to sports injuries because the muscles, tendons and ligaments in those areas are used more frequently. The following are types of injuries that affect those areas.


Ligaments are tissue that connect bones or cartilage and hold joints together. Whenever ligaments are stretched, usually from falls, twists or hits, a sprain can occur. If you are experiencing pain, bruising, swelling in one of your joints or have difficulty moving it, you may have a sprain.

Achilles Tendon Injuries

If you have pain, tenderness or swelling along the back of your foot or above your heel, you may have an Achilles tendon injury. The Achilles tendon is the longest tendon in the body that connects the back of the heel to the calf muscle. This tendon is injured by gradual overuse, stretching or tearing, and is often treated for athletes whose sports involve extensive running or jumping.

Knee Injuries

Knee troubles can occur whenever the muscles, tendons, bone, cartilage, ligaments or fluid in the knee joint are damaged. If you have pain in your knee and difficulty walking, you may have a knee injury.

Rotator Cuff Injuries

The rotator cuff is made up of muscles and tendons located in the shoulder that keep it stable and help it to move. Baseball players or bodybuilders commonly experience rotator cuff injuries because of the repetitive overhead motion involved in their sports. If you have limited range of motion in your shoulder or pain or weakness when lifting your arm, you may have a rotator cuff injury.

Causes of Sports Injuries

Numerous factors may lead to accidents and injuries, but many sports-related injury cases are commonly associated with the following:

  • Insufficient warm-up or stretching before exercise
  • Incorrect use of training techniques
  • Improper athletic safety gear
  • Overworking muscles and tendons and excessive training

How To Prevent Sports Injuries

Exercise & train safely

From your warm-up to the end of your workout, you should be training properly. Both undertraining and overtraining for a sport could lead to injury. Try working with a personal trainer or a coach who can teach you how to properly warm up and train, and how to safely advance your workout.

Wear and use the proper gear and equipment

According to the Southwest Athletic Trainers’ Association (SWATA), 62 percent of organized sports-related injuries occur during practices. Wearing and using the assigned protective gear at all times, including during practice, can help to keep you part of the 38 percent that get to play in the next game.

Watch out for warning signs

If you are experiencing pain or fatigue, listen to your body and take a break. You have a higher chance of injury if you push yourself past your limits. Take the five minutes to get a drink of water and sit out on the bench instead of spending the next five games there with an injury.

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