Whitehall Health Center Fitness Programs

Whitehall Health Centre
Now Offers A Variety of Fitness Programs

Here at Whitehall Health Centre we are always striving to improve our services, offering an all inclusive destination to meet all of your health care needs.

With your overall well-being in mind, we are proud to offer a variety of Fitness Programs intended to give you the ability to achieve your goals.  Incorporating valuable feedback from our clients, Whitehall Health Centre has implemented a well rounded selection of programs, classes and products, all  conveniently located on-site to provide you with the right tools to meet your health requirements.

Available Programs

  • Functional Fitness – Healthy, challenging and fun exercise programs designed to keep you motivated to achieve your goals.
  • Yoga – Coming Soon!

Additional programs are in development, all with the goal of improving your overall health.  Have a suggestion for a specific Fitness Program you would like to see offered at Whitehall Health Centre? Feel free to contact us and let us know!

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