It’s Time To Hear From You: The Value In Listening

The Value Of Listening: It’s Time To Hear From You

Blogs, by their very definition, are vehicles for the author to inform, convey ideas and speak their mind. Here at Whitehall Health Centre, we feel we’ve educated our readers in an entertaining manner, expressing the benefits of all things related to weight loss and chiropractic care.

But there is a lot to be said for listening as well, particularly giving your audience an opportunity to be heard. In this article we felt it would be best to let our clients have a sounding board to discuss Whitehall Health Centre. Basically, we’re taking the week off and passing the keyboard to our readers and clients.

Below you will find excerpts from interviews conducted recently with a diverse range of past and current clients as well as quotes provided from patient feedback letters. In this blog we decided to focus specifically on our SlenderRay program. Please feel free to add your comments below so that you can be heard as well.



Pittsburgh Weight Loss Testimonial









Pittsburgh Weight Loss Testimonials







Pittsburgh Weight Loss







Pittsburgh Weight Loss







And some comments from some camera shy clients:

“This has been a great experience. The last three weeks my clothes fit me better, I feel more energetic, joined a gym and maintain a better lifestyle and feel better about myself thanks to the health center.”

J. H. March 29, 2013

“Everyone was friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. They took the time to explain the process and made me feel very comfortable. Very happy with the results! Wold highly recommend to anyone.”

N.B. April 29, 2013

“I have to admit, I was skeptical, but I’m really happy with my SlenderRay results. Besides inch loss, people noticed and asked how I got my tummy so flat. More importantly, my skin tone improved dramatically which has always been an issue for me. I work in fitness and hate fads, but my results are legit.”

B.D. May 8, 2013

“The technology allows you to target your weight loss to exactly the areas you want to downsize. At the same time, the staff is fun and supportive. If you are interested in losing inches, this place will ensure your success.”

M.A.R. July 1, 2013

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Let us know what’s on your mind regarding Whitehall Health Centre. Any questions, feel free to ask. Comments? We’re here to listen. Thoughts? Suggestions? Success stories? Share your thoughts with our readers!


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