Lose The Inches You Want With SlenderRay™ Radiant Lipolysis, Available Now At Whitehall Health Centre.

Dr. Anthony DiCesaro and the Whitehall Health Centre team are proud to be the exclusive Pennsylvania clinic to offer the groundbreaking fat reduction technology, SlenderRay Radiant Lipolysis. Completely non-invasive, the SlenderRay™ and I-lipo technologies operated by certified technicians use specific wavelengths of light to stimulate the fat cells in your chosen treatment area. The chemical reaction releases the contents of your fat cells into the body’s lymphatic system to be metabolized, shrinking your cells from the size of a grape to a raisin, resulting in real inch loss, allowing you to look and feel your best! Whitehall Health Centre offers:

SlenderRay™: Whitehall Health Centre, always the leader in non-invasive lipo services, is the only practice in Pennsylvania to offer you the benefits of this advanced technology. Take a look at what this incredible system has accomplished for many of our satisfied patients!
I-Lipo Laser: Utilized at our clinics for over two years, a running total of more than 1200 patients have been treated losing thousands of inches! This technology is the standard in lipo laser therapy, generating positive results for many of our clients.

Why Is SlenderRay™ Radiant Lipolysis More Effective?

All radiant lipolysis technologies work in generally the same way. By focusing low-level light on the trouble areas you select, the fat cells are stimulated triggering a chemical reaction which allows your body to eliminate the cell’s contents. SlenderRay™ functions in the same manner with two major differences:

  • More photonic pressure, resulting in a brighter more intense light
  • As a no-contact system, the SlenderRay™ covers a larger surface area, stimulating more fat cells

How does this produce better results? While covering a larger treatment area with a more intense light and stimulating more cells in your trouble area, the inches will decrease more rapidly, in some cases as much as 50 percent less time than the competition. To get a better understanding of how this works, watch the video below.



*Individual Results May Vary

Visit Dr. DiCesaro at Whitehall Health Centre and learn what our SlenderRay™ Radiant system can do for you! You can sample the SlenderRay™ Radiant Lipolysis for $99 ($300 value)!

Find out what SlenderRay Radiant can do for you. Fill out the form on this page and one of our technicians will contact you to answer any questions and get you started on losing those unwanted inches.


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