Medical Services

Whitehall Health Centre offers a full range of personalized medical services that take on an integrated approach to promoting your overall health. Our medical team works hand-in-hand with your chiropractic care plan, making the relief you need accessible at one location.

Just as with our philosophy in chiropractic treatment, our medical staff works with the same goals in mind: to take immediate steps to reduce or alleviate your pain, to educate you about your condition, and to provide support that will continue to improve the way your body feels and functions. With us, you’ll be able to spend less time driving from doctor to doctor and more time feeling better.

We provide medical evaluation testing, pain management and durable medical equipment and a dedicated and experienced medical staff, all to help you get back to doing the things you love.


Medical Evaluations


All patients can expect a head-to-toe medical evaluation upon coming into our center with any type of pain or condition. In order to properly diagnose and treat the pain in the short and long term, we’ll need a thorough understanding of what is wrong, how it started, and what makes it worse to be able to determine what will make it better. Depending on your specific condition, we may utilize various types of musculoskeletal testing and evaluations to better understand how it is affecting your body and your life.

Our medical staff will take the time to listen to each of your concerns with your ailment. Too often, today’s health care professionals focus too much energy on treating the symptoms of a medical condition. We treat the cause. Your evaluation is extremely important in the development of your detailed care regimen.

Custom Medical Care Plans


We take pride in knowing that our medical team at Whitehall Health Centre is extremely skilled in treating a vast spectrum of common painful conditions. Using our findings from your medical evaluation, we will work with you to develop your customized treatment plan, consisting of in-office care, at-home care, or both. Access to a wide range of wellness specialists at one location is will not only make your health care more convenient, it will also assist in addressing your condition and starting down the road to recovery as quickly as possible.

Pain Management Injections


Chronic pain can cast a shadow on even the brightest moments in life. Whether it’s sharp pains shooting up your back or if you suffer from chronic headaches, we provide a variety of medications that allow us to directly focus on immediate relief to the affected area. Administered via injections, these medications can facilitate your body in healing itself. The pain management team at Whitehall Health Center is committed to helping you defeat your chronic pain.

Durable Medical Equipment


If your particular condition requires it, we may suggest using durable medical equipment to further assist in the progress of your health. We offer the latest medical support devices, braces, and orthotics to keep you on track down the road to recovery even when you’re not at our office. Conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, bursitis and back pain can be aided with regular use of these home medical devices.

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