Whiten your teeth for as little as $149

For As Little As $149 Your Teeth Can Be Up To 6 Shades Whiter With The Ultra White Advanced Teeth Whitening System Available at Whitehall Health Centre!

Everyone loves a flashy white smile. With the variety of expensive cosmetic procedures available, did you know that teeth whitening is often reported as producing the most noticeable results? What if you were told compared to other invasive beauty improvement procedures on the market, teeth whitening ranks as one of the least expensive treatments to improve appearance? Intriguied? This service is now available at Whitehall Health Centre requiring no longer than 30 minutes per treatment!

How Does the Teeth Whitening System Work?

Ultra White Advanced Teeth Whitening is a patented system that uses a specific Hydrogen Peroxide gel that is applied to the teeth, and a specialized LED lamp that activates the chemical which accelerates the whitening process.

Typically we perform 1 to 3 treatments during the same session in order to obtain optimum results.  Cosmetic teeth whitening simply can not restore your teeth to the pearly white status you may envision, however it will make them much whiter, up to 8 times whiter in some cases.


Patients can expect varied results, based on several factors:

  • How stained were your teeth prior to treatment?
  • What was the staining agent? (ie, smoking, coffee, wine, etc)
  • The current state of the enamel of the teeth.

Most clients are extremely impressed with the results with over 99% stating they were very satisfied with the system.

To schedule a teeth whitening appointment please call (412) 885-2929.

Or, feel free to contact Whitehall Health Centre noting the best time to reach you. One of our Technicians will contact you with available appointment times and answer any questions you may have.


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