A Weight Loss Program In 5 Stages

Is losing weight a challenge for you? Your hormones could be to blame, not your willpower! Most of us are familiar with the sex hormones estrogen and testosterone. These hormones can play a role in how your body responds to diet and exercise when trying to lose weight; if they’re off balance, you may not be able to lose easily, and some people might even gain weight. However, these are just two of the hormones your body relies on to function healthily.

Hormones & Diet

Hormones are an integral part of how our bodies work; they control internal functions such as metabolism, respiration, digestion, excretion, sleep and more. Our hormones affect just about everything that happens in our bodies, so it’s no wonder that hormones play a major part in our ability to lose weight. If you put a spotlight on a healthy, detoxifying diet, you can calibrate your hormones to work with you in your quest to lose weight.

How Hormone-Based Weight Loss Works

Through a five-stage program, the Whitehall Medical Health Center team tailors a weight loss plan just for you, based on your body’s unique needs. The team will pinpoint the hormones and habits that keep you from losing weight. In the process, any imbalances in your hormones will be corrected, creating an overall lifestyle built on healthy choices that will help you drop extra pounds and keep them off long-term.

Our five stage process:


Stage I: Discover

Our medical weight loss team will work with you to identify why you’re having trouble losing weight. At this point, you will have a lab testing panel done.

Lab testing will measure:

  • Stress Hormones
  • Appetite Control Hormones
  • Sex Hormones
  • Thyroid Function
  • Inflammation Levels
  • Vitamin Deficiencies
  • Blood Sugar Levels
  • Metabolism

Once testing is completed and analyzed, your weight loss counselor will sit down with you to explain what your results mean. From there, your personal weight loss diet plan begins to take shape.


Stage II: Remove

Once you and your counselor discover which behaviors and bodily factors are hindering your weight loss, you’ll begin the process of crossing them off the list. To create an ideal fat burning environment in your body, you will begin a detoxifying, high-protein meal plan that fits your schedule. Your weight loss counselor will also handpick medical weight loss tools specifically suited to your needs. Your personal weight loss advisor will be with you every step of the way along your journey to health and vitality, providing you with reassurance, advice, recipes and support from beginning to end.


Stage III: Accelerate

As the weight begins to come off and you continue to work toward a healthier lifestyle, we help boost your energy and fat loss for even more results with special diet foods, weight loss tools and nutritional supplements. Your counselor will keep track of which tools work best for your body and adjust as necessary, so you’re able to keep your body on track for maximum weight loss.


Stage IV: Transition

By the time you reach the transition stage, you will have lost an accelerated amount of weight and will likely continue to lose a few pounds a week. The healthy changes taking place inside your body will inspire you to start shaping and sculpting the outside so it looks as good as you feel. Focus will shift to building lean muscles and toning problem areas, as opposed to trying to burn fat from them. We also provide body contouring treatments that can be used in this phase to help tighten skin and minimize cellulite.


Stage V: Maintenance

Give yourself high fives all around because, at this stage, you’ve reached your goal weight. You’ll meet with your counselor to celebrate your amazing journey and all that you’ve learned. You’ll be more than camera ready when it’s time to take your “after” photo!

When you’ve met with your counselor one final time, you can choose to continue with our services if you feel you still have more weight to lose. Patients that have completed their programs can still check-in with their counselor, and continue with weight loss services such as supplements, foods or body contouring services, as needed.