Why Can’t I Lose Inches Where I Want?

Losing weight, what a struggle that can be. Do I really want to open this can of worms? Well, I never shy away from a challenge, it’s just part of my natural make up! So, let’s get right into the whole diet topic, but let’s focus on just one area, ok?

It’s important that we clarify things first. Losing inches is different than losing weight. Huh? It’s quite simple, actually. You can diet and exercise and chant a personal mantra everyday of “Fat Go Away!”, and yes, you can lose weight. Actually, diet and exercise is the natural way to lose weight and it’s a simple formula of calorie intake compared to calories burned. The problem though, which they never discuss in the media is that you may actually be losing weight, but you can’t control where the weight is that you lose. Are you following me? Let me give you an example.

It’s bikini season, so you decide this year you’re going to fit into that two piece and impress your husband, boyfriend, lifeguard, friends, whoever. So you eat smart, hit the treadmill religiously and watch that scale in your bathroom drop day by day. You feel great, you’re happy and you’re making progress.

The day before you’re ready to hit the beach, you get over your fear and take that bikini out of the dresser drawer. You lock the bedroom door, close all the blinds, put it on with your eyes closed and stand in the front of the mirror. 1…..2…..3…..! You open your eyes and at first glance, you’re impressed. You look…..better……lighter? But you’re just not happy with the results of all your hard work. You check out the love handles…..smaller, but still there. And your thighs. How could they still have cellulite after all those treadmill miles?

The answer is, you can’t control where your body burns the fat, it’s going to disappear where it wants to disappear, and you and your body may not see eye to eye on where that is. Well, that’s not totally true. You can decide where you want the areas where you want to lose inches. This can be achieved with lipo laser sessions, particularly the SlenderRay™ Lipolysis program I recommend available here at Whitehall Health Centre.


Before Slender Ray



After Slender Ray


All the details of what is involved in the program is available on our site, but just to give an idea of how it works, you decide which area of your body you want to focus on. You want to lose inches around your belly? You want to shrink those love handles? You need to do something about the circumference of your thighs? Tell us your trouble areas, the places you wish you could shrink before any other, that’s where we will focus our treatment. This process is non-invasive, non-surgical and has actually been described as very relaxing. It incorporates low-level laser technology that stimulates your stored fat cells, triggering a chemical reaction that shrinks those unwanted inches.

There are a several lipo laser options available in the area, but we are the only practice in Pennsylvania to offer the Slender Ray™ program. This program is able to cover a larger area of your body per session than any competitor’s product, with a more effective laser. What does this mean? Well, it means you can shrink more inches, more quickly with the SlenderRay™ than with any other lipo laser program available.

Check it out on our website. If you have more questions about the technology, or want to schedule your Free Consultation, just give us a call at (412) 885-2929. We’re here to do anything we can for our patients, willing to help take the anxiety out of bikini season.


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